A Last Will and Testament is the document directing where your stuff goes when you die and who is in charge of seeing that it gets there. The person you appoint (Executor in Ohio and Personal Representative in Florida) will also bring any legal suit on behalf of your estate for your wrongful death or collect your assets if the need should arise. In your Will you can also appoint person or persons to be the guardian of your minor children.

Your Will must be iron-clad and specific. It must direct your estate and relatives to carry out your wishes and see that your personal items are respectfully divided how you saw fit.

My Estate Planning Package includes a custom-designed Will and Testament along with the following necessary estate planning components:

  1. Last Will and Testament
  2. Health Care Power of Attorney
  3. Living Will
  4. General Power of Attorney
  5. Phone or Office Consultation

[box][two_third]Includes Last Will and Testament, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, General Power of Attorney and Phone or Office Consultation for just $295[/two_third]


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