I just got a foreclosure notice. Should I move now?

Or rather I have found the question tends to become; “I just got a foreclosure notice, how soon do I have to move?”

You need to know that a foreclosure may take months or years. During this time you are still the owner and still have responsibilities. Many cities have laws with criminal penalities if you do not maintain your lawn or shovel sidewalks to clear snow or if the property is in a bad state of disrepair. You still own the house remember. It is only after the foreclosure sheriff sale, and after the time period for objections to the sale, and after the order of the sale is filed and the title transfer recorded that there is a new owner who can evict you. Until then you can live in the house; you can even collect rent from it. If you live elsewhere you pay rent. In your house you pay no rent. I strongly urge you to pay the insurance and maintain coverage.